Join the HarrisData Community

The HarrisData Community of companies is unique to the Mid-market. HarrisData Customers have all significantly reduced or minimized their IT costs while realizing efficiencies through the software that have distinguished them in their industry. Their use of HarrisData applications has been a journey from the "old way" of purchasing, using, and administering enterprise software to the freedom of applying the applications to improve, automate, and streamline the essential business processes that can make your company successful.

HarrisData has engineered its software to accommodate most businesses and industries. Focused on the customer, HarrisData has created the Omni-license to give businesses all the tools required to focus on their business and not to be encumbered by rules that restrict the utilization of the software.

Is your business using old Enterprise Software that doesn't work and is costing you time and money? Are you tired of the hassles, problems, and fees associated with using your current software? Are you hesitant about Enterprise Software implementations because they usually take years, have outrageous costs, and detract from your business? Contact us to learn whether joining the HarrisData Community is right for you and your organization.



Why is HarrisData different from other software companies?

The utilization of HarrisData software allows our customers to reduce their costs and to continuously improve their essential processes that run their business. As a result they are better positioned to differentiate themselves in today's complex marketplace. HarrisData software must contribute directly to their bottom line and provide value that can be quantified and linked directly to the Global Marketplace. Since 1972 we have been here to help with affordable solutions, ongoing support, and a culture of mutual respect. Our ongoing relationships and the communication afforded by the many years of serving mid-market business will always be our focus at HarrisData.

How well do we serve our users?

Mid-market companies like you trust us to help manage the essential processes and use our solutions to support your financial, human resource, distribution, or manufacturing operations. By building mutually beneficial relationships, we have grown our user community and retained over 95% of you as customers. We are proud to have so many happy customers!
Over 85% of our customers are now running a current version of HarrisData software. Unlike the rest of the Software Industry, HarrisData strives to make upgrades simple, easy, and FREE to our customers. The fact that most of our customer base is on the current or previous version of our software suggests how easy upgrades can and should be to sophisticated business customers.
Our Customers have helped us build our software to meet sophisticated users' evolving needs. It is our pledge to keep the cost of services low, and to do our best to engineer these costs out of your solution. We make our money from selling software - not a bottomless pit of services and fees. Less than 10% of HarrisData's revenue comes from services.