The HarrisData Difference

HarrisData offers affordable, full-featured enterprise solutions designed to meet the needs of the mid-market. HarrisData's integrated solutions are flexible allowing businesses to react to changing requirements. HarrisData has partnered with IBM to deliver a complete enterprise solution with the lowest total cost of ownership, making it the most valued solution in the mid-market.
  • HarrisData is the only software company to offer an Omni-license - our documented commitment to serving the needs of our customers.
  • HarrisData's quickStart implementations are precise, accurate, and on time/on budget. Failure is NOT an option.
  • HarrisData uses a consultative approach in defining and addressing the needs of its customers. As a result of delivering measurable business improvements, HarrisData enjoys a 95% retention rate of its clients.
  • HarrisData makes it easy and cost effective to upgrade and is proud of its 80% new release adoption rate.
  • HarrisData gets less than 10% of its revenue from services which means its customers are able to contain costs, and HarrisData is able to invest more money into the development of its products.
  • HarrisData has engineered its software with entry and exit points throughout the system, giving customers free access to source code in order to customize for industry specific requirements.
  • HarrisData staffs its customer service department with business professionals skilled in areas such as manufacturing, shop floor management, purchasing, accounting, human resources, and IT.
View the HarrisData "Customer Bill of Rights" - The policy that recognizes your basic rights as a software customer and ensures that you are protected.