HarrisData and IBM

Together, HarrisData and IBM equal a unique value proposition.  Learn more about HarrisData and IBM with the TurboLAMP Whitepaper below. 

HarrisData and IBM i Solution Editions simplify manufacturing and ERP processes



AppsInHD offers a suite of HRIS, ERP, and CRM applications offering simplicity of design, proactive automation, and an elastic cloud architecture. The simple user interface designed for touch-and-speak interaction identifies and focuses users on critical issues and tasks. Customized automation processes automatically and proactive perform tasks on behalf of users, identifying exceptions and notifying responsible users. An elastic cloud architecture facilitates deployment on the HarrisData cloud, on a private cloud, and/or on-premise, all for one low price. AppsInHD is developed from the ground up for web deployment, and leverages the TurboLAMP stack to deliver improved performance and reliability for cloud and on-premise deployments.

To read the full Whitepaper visit: TurboLAMP Whitepaper