Unparalleled User Experience

How do you create a new user experience in the era of mobile and internet applications?

One of the things that the success of mobile and Internet applications has taught us is that simpler is better. Users of Internet and mobile apps don't use the documentation, they expect to easily find what they need and that what to do next should be obvious from the screen.  The AppsInHD user experience starts by understanding what users of enterprise applications want most - to get their jobs done quickly and efficiently. We created an entirely new experience based on the simplicity and productivity that mobile and internet applications provide. One that allows enterprise users to organize their work, find what they need, and eliminate busy work.


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Organize Your Work

Enterprise applications should guide users through their planned and unplanned activities, helping them to prioritize work and complete tasks more efficiently than ever before. AppsInHD applications incorporate a variety of strategies that uniquely enable users to manage their day.

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Find What You Need

For decades, enterprise software users have memorized a forest of menu options to learn how to find the information they need from the system. Without this specialized knowledge, completing the most basic task becomes frustrating and time-consuming. Yet those same users, with no training, can find information on the Internet in seconds. Leveraging the power of simple tools like search and links can make all the difference in helping users find what they need.  

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Bring on the Bots!

The best user interface is no user interface. Automated bots can be set up in AppsInHD environments to automate routine, common tasks. These bots can operate faster than users with fewer errors, and can be rapidly reconfigured as organizational requirements and processes change. The system should work for you - not the other way around. Bots perform all of the menial work of processing information for you based on your rules. All you have to do is handle the exceptions. 

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The Difference is HD

HarrisData develops enterprise application software for mid-sized businesses. Our software is neither a complex system designed for global giants, nor a desktop solution lacking the essential controls required to run a modern business. With our software, we deliver the basic tools that help you grow your business. With our solutions, we deliver the customer experience mid-sized businesses deserve, including:

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Introducing AppsInHD

AppsInHD™ represents real change in enterprise software development. The user experience is centered around workflow tasks and offers the simplicity of tablet-style interfaces. The underlying architecture uses web technologies to deliver reliability and scalablity, with open RESTful APIs used both inside and outside the applications. AppsInHD solutions can be deployed in the cloud or on premise, on commodity Linux servers or on high-performance IBM i servers, but always allow you total control of your applications, customizations, and data.   

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