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Bring on the Bots!

A Bot (short for "Robot") is simply a computer program that does automated tasks. Bots are in use throughout the Internet, automatically performing tasks as varied as editing the 33 million Wikipedia pages to handling basic chat functions for sales and support centers. Bots are information robots, that allow your system to do repetitive, time consuming work that used to be done by people. 

Put into action in enterprise applications, Bots can significantly increase information throughput while reducing the staff necessary to support the system. The same way industrial robots revolutionized the assembly line, information Bots promise to revolutionize enterprise applications. 

AppsInHD provides an Automation Service that allows you to establish and manage your Bots. Bots can be as simple as monitors that notify someone if inventory levels fall below a threshold, or can work with Tasks and Events to drive sophisticated workflow such as PO approval processes. In each case, the Bot is defined using a simple setup:

If a thing happens (or doesn't happen), then do something or tell someone.

To configure your Bot, first define Rules that identify when the thing happens (or doesn't happen). The system gives you easy ways to check for:


  • Creation of new data
  • Changes in significant fields
  • Passage of time (to determine whether the thing didn't happen)
  • Viewing of current data
Second, you need to tell your Bot what to do when it identifies that the thing has happened. In general, the Bot can:
  • Take Action against the underlying Entity (or related Entities)
  • Notify User(s) (generally via e-mail or system Alerts)
Bots can be configured to perform multiple actions and/or notifications based on the identification of something important, so a Bot could be configured to detect the receipt of certain items from a specific vendor, then close the related PO, notify the vendor with a customized e-mail, and notify quality control that the items are in the warehouse and must be inspected.
Bots can be configured and started for virtually any information and action in the AppsInHD system, allowing you to automate virtually any repetitive information task. By establishing which Bots you need and how they will operate, you can create the optimal information assembly line for your business!