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A New Approach to Creating Custom Forms in HD

This session will allow you to get a hands-on look at creating forms and overlays with the new technology, using specific use cases to demonstrate key topics:


Using the Forms Service

•    make changes to an existing form overlay

•    create individual pdfs for each form, or a single pdf file containing multiple forms

•    integrate images and graphics into a form

•    integrate a pre-defined pdf background (such as a blank W2 form) into your process


Advanced Technical Topics

•    understand your deployment options

•    create a new data source for the service (warning: technical!)

This Using the Forms Service section is generally appropriate for somewhat technical users. The Advanced Technical Topics section requires some knowledge of PHP and SQL.


PHP Workshop

This three hour session presented by Zend Technologies will allow attendees to get hands-on experience and connect to an IBM i LPAR running PHP in the cloud. The workshop will cover all of the basics of PHP through RPG program calls and database access using DB2 and MySQL. PCs will be available for use in this session.


EIP Update: From Stem to Stern

This session will cover every step required to setup EIP in an HD5.0 environment.  This will include “techie” stuff such as downloading and installing the Zend server and configuring an http server as well as system administrator topics such as ensuring your users have access to the right set of menus and the right information necessary to do their jobs.   This session will also show you how to add a custom program of your own to the EIP menu structure.



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