Strategic Product Direction

Jun 19th 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Everything looks better in HD. TVs, smart phones, tablets, even enterprise applications look better when they are in HD. AppsInHD represents the new framework we have developed to bring together new versions of all of the components of an enterprise application – transaction services, metadata services, import services, forms services, search services, and more – into a single, user-friendly application. At Collaborate 2014, conference attendees were treated to the announcement of the AppsInHD Enterprise Application Mashup strategy. The AppsInHD strategy leverages web technology to deliver solutions that redefine the user experience, leverage cloud technology inside the application for scalable, cross-platform deployment, and offer cloud or on-premise options where you control your software and your data. The AppsInHD strategy also brings expanded Collaborative Development programs to help you achieve success faster and easier than ever. This session will look closer at the strategy and what it means for HarrisData and RTI customers.