Colloborate 2015
HarrisData User Conference

Collaborate with your fellow software users at the annual HarrisData User Conference on May 17-20, 2015. This event is an invaluable resource that will demonstrate the latest capabilities of your software, enlighten you about the future direction of your solution, and help you maximize your investment in your HarrisData or RTI software. 

Why the slinky?

A slinky is a remarkable toy. While it's not exactly new, it is a simple design, it can walk down stairs by itself, and it can stretch and reform to meet changing conditions. From that perspective, it shares a lot in common with the next generation of enterprise application software.  

What are the major trends driving innovation in enterprise applications, and how do they relate to the slinky? Collaborate 2015 will introduce you to the three most significant innovations you'll see in enterprise applications over the next decade: 

- Simplicity of design. 

- Proactive automation. 

- Elastic cloud architecture 

At Collaborate 2015, you'll learn that the future is now with AppsInHD. AppsInHD is the platform used for the next major upgrade of HarrisData and RTI Software solutions. In 2014, HarrisData implemented the first production system based on AppsInHD HRIS. Today, AppsInHD HRIS is available to all HarrisData HRIS customers, with financial applications close behind. Come to Collaborate 2015 and learn about what AppsInHD can do for your organization.


Conference Includes:

  • Full User Conference Fees
  • Welcome Reception
  • Continental Breakfast, Lunch & Breaks May 18-19
  • Continental Breakfast May 20
  • Group Dinner with Evening Entertainment May 18
  • One Year HarrisData User Group Membership
  • Online Access to Conference Proceedings

If you have questions regarding the 2015 HarrisData User Conference, please call us at 262-784-9099 or contact us at