HarrisData University (HDU) Course Catalog

HDU Courses are offered online to facilitate convenient, on-demand training of your organization. New hires need to be brought up to speed? Implementing new business processes? Need a refresher course? HDU makes it easy!

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Distribution Courses

Inventory Use Up2.00330.00
New Hire Customer Service2.00330.00
Order Management Changes Advanced4.00660.00
Order Management Changes Basic4.00660.00
Physical Inventory & Cycle Counting4.00660.00

Enterprise Courses

Activate your HarrisData Portal Software for $660 - Guaranteed!4.00660.00
Portal Setup Advanced4.00660.00
Portal Setup Basic4.00660.00
Security Advanced4.00660.00
Security Basic2.00330.00
Upgrade Preparation2.00330.00

Financial Courses

Average/Actual Costing Basic2.00330.00
Converting from Standard Cost to Actual or Average Cost4.00660.00
GL Changes HD4.14.00660.00
New Hire Accountant2.00330.00
Report Writer Basic4.00660.00
Report Writer Custom8.001,320.00
Standard Product Costing Advanced4.00660.00
Standard Product Costing Basic4.00660.00
Year End Close Advanced2.00330.00
Year End Close Basic2.00330.00
1099 Processing2.00330.00

Human Resources Courses

HR Benefits Advanced4.00660.00
HR Benefits Basic2.00330.00
New Hire Human Resources2.00330.00
New Hire Payroll2.00330.00

Manufacturing Courses

Advanced Planning and Master Scheduling4.00660.00
Alternate Routings2.00330.00
KANBAN Advanced2.00330.00
KANBAN Basic2.00330.00
Manufacturing Basics4.00660.00