HarrisData User Group Charter

The HarrisData User Group was founded with a vision of advancing the HarrisData Community towards the goal of business success through more effective use of HarrisData software. The Charter documents this vision for all members of the Community. 




  • Provide a formal, organized medium for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences relating to HarrisData software.
  • Assist HarrisData in establishing priorities by identifying and prioritizing user issues.
  • Provide direction to HarrisData's future efforts with its product line and related services.
  • Provide an organized, unbiased source from which to identify and address problems or concerns regarding the HarrisData product line and related services.
  • Guarantee that HarrisData software remains the software of choice, thus ensuring that each company's investment continues to appreciate.




  • Improved communication of knowledge and ideas among users, and between users and HarrisData, including the creation of a forum to suggest future enhancements.
  • Organization of a roundtable and workshop sessions where users of HarrisData software can exchange their experiences and concerns.
  • Submission of issues to HarrisData arising from roundtable and workshop sessions.
  • Well planned, regularly scheduled user meetings.
  • Development of a plan to promote, create and maintain users' interests in the groups' activities.