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Activate your HarrisData Portal Software for $660 - Guaranteed!

Course Fees: $660.00
Expected Duration: 4.00 hrs

Sign up for a 4 hour HDU Portal Activation Session at a cost of only $600 and we guarantee that your portals will be active after 4 hours. Any additional time spent is at no charge, and you pay nothing until your EIP software is active.*

If a lack of experience is holding you back from activating your HarrisData portal software we can help! Our mission at HarrisData is to provide software that is both easy to use and easy to maintain. Many HarrisData users operate with a single IT person who is often also responsible for other functions. We have come to find however that the installation of our EIP software, while not difficult , requires a different skill set than that required by our legacy software. The EIP installation is centered more around internet skills whereas the legacy installation involves more traditional iSeries skills.

We believe that most users will quickly pick up the skills needed to configure our EIP software, but we are concerned that a lack of familiarity may be holding some back from implementing their portal software. If you have been reluctant to activate your portals because you think it may take too long, or have been unable to commit time to learning the activation process, this course is for you.

Call any HarrisData Support Rep at 800-793-3282 to schedule your HDU Portal Activation Session.

* HarrisData Portal software requires a minimum i5/OS or OS/400 level of V5R2M0. Additional IBM PTF's may also be required depending upon your operating system level (see EIP Installation Instructions for details). Minimum HarrisData Version HD4.2 with 500 Mb of dedicated memory recommended for optimum performance. Missing PTF's or a need to apply an upgrade may result in the four hour session being interrupted and resumed after the necessary software has been installed. Portal Activation Sessions will be performed remotely and will require the HarrisData customer to have a technical contact responsible for EIP setup with adequate iSeries authority available for the session. Portals can be activated without affecting your production database, a dedicated environment is not required. No prior EIP experience or knowledge needed.