Digital Designs, Inc.
1501 Charlotte Avenue
Monroe, NC 28110
phone: 800) 948-6293
fax: (704) 283-6991

Digital Designs, Inc.

Digital Designs provides software solutions for enabling e-business output in a variety of electronic formats from existing line-of-business applications. These solutions improve speed, efficiency, manageability, security, and customer service and also dramatically reduce the cost of traditional document production, handling, and distribution. Implemented as a middleware layer between enterprise solutions and output devices, rules-based building blocks provide simple integration and one-time setup of specifications for document delivery to distributed laser printers, fax, e-mail, Web, wireless devices, and secure archive. Key benefits include electronic bursting and binding, fraud protection, document encryption, auditability, mailroom automation, customer preference specification, and the elimination of expensive pre-printed forms. Typical applications include secure accounts payable, payroll, and claim check printing, electronic payment processing, purchase orders, invoices, statements, policies, bills of lading, sales and financial reports, and more.