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Taxware International

Sales/Use Tax

HarrisData offers basic sales/use tax calculations within the HarrisData applications. As mid-sized organizations grow, sales/use tax issues may grow increasingly complex and difficult to manage with multiple jurisdictions and constantly changing rates and rules. HarrisData has partnered with Taxware International to deliver complete sales/use tax compliance in an easy to use, affordable solution. Taxware International's Sales/Use Tax System automatically calculates accurate sales, use and consumer's use taxes and operates as an integral part of the HarrisData system through the optional HarrisData Sales Tax Interface. Unique to the system is the only fully populated Product Taxability Matrix in the industry. Its Tax Master File covers all U.S. tax jurisdictions and Canadian provinces and is kept current with monthly updates. For HarrisData customers with extensive sales tax requirements, the combination of HarrisData and Taxware International is unbeatable. HarrisData customers can also receive preferred pricing from Taxware.