HarrisData Product Configurator

The ability for manufacturers to configure their complex products utilizing simple, easy-to-use software is desirable. HarrisData Enterprise Manufacturing enables manufacturers to create their products in an application that is adaptable to many business types. HarrisData's Manufacturing ERP system provides the functionality to automate the sales process, pricing, and features and options of your company's products.

HarrisData's Product Configurator can adapt to a variety of manufacturing business types. It is easy to learn and simple to set up through the utilization of feature groups and families.

If you are employing Lean Manufacturing processes, the configurator helps automate through front-end processes, and is fully integrated with the ERP system unlike most stand-alone systems.

New product and product options are easily added with minimal effort, eliminating false configurations and substantially reducing data entry for common features. Rapid order processing will improve customer service and will allow customers to create orders instantly through an e-business portal. The configurator will also help eliminate communications errors commonly experienced between customer orders and production instructions.

The ease of use and intuitive properties of the HarrisData system helps to ease training time and requirements for both order entry and sales personnel.

Some the features of the HarrisData Product Configurator are:


  • Product Configurator provides Item Features, Feature Options, and Feature/Bi Level Options
  • Default configurations can be established as needed
  • Previous configurations can be copied to reduce data entry for repeat orders
  • Seamless integration and communications to production for part requirements
  • Configured "Bill of Materials" and Routings flow through automatically to work orders
  • Real-time status of the production process from the customer's order
  • Optional "Rules-based" configurations and constraints
  • Optional "Smart Part" feature can automatically create a unique item for a given configuration, eliminating data entry
  • Optional access to "Vendor Catalogs" without creating Item Master records, system automatically creates the item only if it is selected