CRMCRM Solutions

CRM solutions manage information about customers and prospects to improve sales, marketing, service, and warranty operations. HarrisData CRM solutions include full process automation capabilities, allowing you to escalate issues and notify interested parties automatically. CRM solutions can significantly improve your business by:


  • Improving sales forecasting, pipleline management, and win/loss reporting
  • Automate marketing campaign planning, management, and execution
  • Implement and manage Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with customers
  • Improve management of help desk and support operations, with automatic escalation and integrated knowledge base
  • Simplify management of warranty/service entitilement and contracts, and improve sales of extended warranties
  • Improve management of serialized and unserialized products, including returns processes and workflow
  • Reduce staff time and effort by providing customer self-service


and much more!

CRM Applications

HarrisData delivers a modular set of integrated functionality that spans sales, marketing, service, and warranty functions, developed by the RTI Software division. Learn more about what HarrisData CRM applications can do for you by visiting the product page for each of the modular, integrated applications, including:



RTI Software, developer of CustomerFirst, SalesFirst, and WebFirst™, is part of HarrisData. RTI Software customers are entitled to the same great of support services as traditional HarrisData customers. RTI Software products are part of the same technology and development strategy as traditional HarrisData products - including web and mobile device enablement. 

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HarrisData offers a full suite of applications to complement ERP Solutions, including 

ERPERP Solutions

Gain control over inventory and finances.

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HCMAppsInHD HRIS Solutions

Reduce the burden of managing regulatory change, while retaining control over your data and your finances. 

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The HarrisData Difference

HarrisData develops enterprise application software for mid-sized businesses. Our software is neither an complex system designed for global giants with a mid-market price point, nor a desktop solution lacking the essential controls required to run a modern business. With our software, we deliver the basic tools that help you grow your business. With our solutions, we deliver the customer experience mid-sized businesses deserve, including:


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HarrisData Technology

HarrisData technology has evolved over more than 40 years from IBM System 34 applications in the 1970s to  a mobile-friendly, cloud deployable, web-services based architecture today. While we've created some of the most innovative enterprise application functionality around, we don't leave current customers 'stranded' on old releases. 

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