HarrisData Enterprise Information Portal

Portal applications can offer significant value to organizations looking to expand the use of their information. Customers, suppliers, salespeople, and employees, are examples of groups that can benefit from interacting with business applications through portal software.

Designed for People

The HarrisData EIP is designed to operate like most web sites - with simple layout and easy navigation. Just click on the links to explore the system. If you've been to CNN.com or ESPN.com, then you already know enough to use the HarrisData EIP.

Engineered for the Web

The HarrisData EIP is engineered for the web. No screen-scrapers or other shortcuts were used in building the HarrisData EIP. HarrisData software has literally been re-engineered to take advantage of the simplest user interface yet created - the web.


Just One Server

The HarrisData EIP can run entirely on one iSeries server. The web server, the application, the database, and the security are all on one easy-to-manage platform. There is no need for racks of servers or huge IT staffs to maintain them.