White Label HRIS (Human Resource Information System)

The White Label HRIS offering powered by AppsInHD from HarrisData is a bi-directionally non-exclusive arrangement that allows WL Partners to offer complimentary functionality to their current employee data management solutions. By extending their solutions to include HRIS, these WL Partner s can;

•grow revenue from their existing customer base through incremental product offerings

•add new customers who seek an integrated solution

•increase customer retention by penetrating deeper into existing accounts

By using a White Label solution, WL Partners can gain the benefits of a branded, integrated payroll that extends their product's user experiences without investing the time and effort to create and maintain a full payroll product.

The HarrisData White Label Payroll program represents the future of payroll processing for small and medium-sized businesses, for whom payroll is nothing more than the output of the employee data management processes they use every day. By providing a fully automated payroll solution based on partner-collected data, HarrisData enables partners to gain all of the benefits of integrated payroll while differentiating from competitors through branding, user experience and marketing initiatives.

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