The HarrisData quickStart Implementation Methodology

Implemention enterprise software is a challenge for almost every organization - a challenge that ordinarily happens only once or twice in a decade. The perceived challenges and highly-visible failures associated with enterprise software implementation make a roadmap for success a critical component of most implementation projects. 

The HarrisData quickStart Implementation Methodology is compiled from over forty years of experience implementating enterprise software at mid-sized organizations. The approach focus on self-reliance, speed, and simplicity. It allows you to identify success on your own terms, and to focus on the aspects of the project that deliver the most value quickly - and on establishing the processes and procedures that let you build on that success to deliver all of the value your software can offer. 

Your HarrisData Project Manager

Your HarrisData Implementation Project Manager serves as a key resource to help your internal project manager navigate the ebbs and flows of an enterprise software implementation.




Your HarrisData Project Manager will help you 


  • Understand Best Practices
  • Build an effective project plan
  • Manage that plan
  • Assess proposed changes
  • Train your staff

If you’re planning to implement new enterprise application software, you likely face the prospects of an implementation project with both excitement and caution.

You are excited at the potential of streamlining your organization: reducing paperwork, increasing efficiency, improving management reporting, reducing inventory, and improving collaboration with customers and vendors. These benefits are expected as soon as the new system “goes live,” and will more than offset the expected investment in the new system. You know that a new enterprise application implementation can deliver significant return on investment, and you look forward to delivering the good news to your owners and senior management.

You are also cautious. You’ve heard the horror stories…

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Failure is not an Option

The HarrisData quickStart objectives are simple:


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Selecting enterprise software applications may seem like a daunting task - an unending stream of feature lists and glowing customer recommendations that makes it seem as though your organization will be productively using the software within minutes of signing the contract. Unfortunately, regardless of the software you acquire, enterprise software must be implemented to meet your requirements. Software vendors and consultants are brimming with confident assurances, but implementation failure is an expensive outcome for too many organizations. 

The truth in is simple: the only way you can maximize your chances of success with enterprise software implementation is by taking control of your project and effectively managing your resources. Your software vendor and consulting partners can help you make better decisions, but the decisions must ultimately be yours.