Cloud or On-Premise Solution

SalesFirst is designed to help companies manage their sales organizations, prospects, and customers. A significant tool for the salesperson, SalesFirst captures all historical and critical data about the prospect and allows activities to be compiled in a complete view around the customer. Competitive information can be compiled and tracked to assist in determining the best sales approach given the competition. Through so­phisticated rules-based workflow automation, rules can be set up to notify individuals when something is occurring outside the normal boundaries of a sales process. Thus, it allows sales managers to ‘Manage by Exception’.

The Marketing functionality allows for the automation of campaigns utilizing tactics such as e-mail, website interac­tion, conventional mail, trade shows, conferences and adver­tising. It allows for full budget tracking and staging of events. Sales people and management have a complete picture of projected, forecasted, and actual revenue of self-selected time increments driving realistic projections of revenue at any moment in the sales cycle.


  • Increase Revenues
  • Lower customer acquisition costs
  • Increase margins through upselling and operational efficiencies
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention


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HarrisData SalesFirst Features
Contact Management & Ticklers (calendar reminders)
Marketing Campaign/ Lead Source Management
Opportunity Management
Tracking of Competition
Literature Fulfillment
Accurate Forecasting