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Tablets Mean Changes for the Enterprise

Plenty of hype has been offered as tablet computers (first the iPhone, then the iPad) arrived, sold in enormous numbers, and slowed PC sales. Software vendors were quick to deliver Apps – partly to ride the new wave and partly … Continue reading

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The Pendulum Swings

Anecdotal evidence of a US manufacturing rebound has been building for the past two years. Here and there manufacturers “reshored” production to address problems encountered in the rush to low labor costs in China and elsewhere. New statistical evidence supports … Continue reading

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Storm vs Cloud

Once again, Mother Nature dashes the best laid plans of men. The Friday storm took down Amazon’s cloud data center in Virginia (once again). The storm disrupted power supplies for much of the greater DC area, including Amazon’s US-East-1 region. … Continue reading

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Hype, Mixed Messages, Snark, and Cover-up

The convergence of cloud, mobility, and consumerization of business technology make a competitive environment for ERP applications even tougher. No vendor can deploy all the answers today. This leads to exaggerated claims and snarky counter claims by the big ERP … Continue reading

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To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before

[CEO presentation at this year’s user conference, ed.] Charting a new course Where to go? How to get there? As CEO, my focus is on leading HarrisData and our customers to a successful future. That requires answering a couple basic … Continue reading

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Cloud, Mobility, and Big Partners

IBM recently announced new PureSystems and PureFlex hardware for inhouse cloud deployment. The good news is, as Frank Scavo notes For some reason, Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM are able to make life easier for small developers. Thus HarrisData achieved certification … Continue reading

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Cloud Security, Full of Holes and Bugs?

Maybe not full of holes, but certainly the Cloud requires us to think carefully about what we are doing. Mel Beckman addresses the top 5 vulnerabilities of the cloud: Each of the three cloud service models has at minimum one … Continue reading

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Welcome to a New Partner

Thank you to Tom Kempster and ABC services for their fine introduction to our new partnership. “Our partnership with HarrisData will free our ERP customers from the chains of their existing ERP software, allowing ABC Services to deliver new high … Continue reading

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The End User Training Arms Race

What conclusion should we reach from SAP answering Oracle’s investment in training technology? That the big ERP players care about the successful use of their products? While that spin may work for technology and financial analysts, the role of end … Continue reading

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US Labor Costs Lower Than Elsewhere

More good news for US manufacturers as per unit of output labor costs decreased by 13% while increasing everywhere else. James Hagerty and Kate Linebaugh (Wall Street Journal, “In U.S., a Cheaper Labor Pool”, 1/6/12) report on manufacturing cost trends … Continue reading

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